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Thank you for considering us for your beef needs.  We take pride in every animal we raise and do our best to ensure that each one is raised and harvested in a way that provides you with an excellent eating experience.  All beef animals are of Angus, Red Angus, or Hereford background to ensure meat that is tender, juicy, and full of flavor.

Because we are a ranching operation, the steers and heifers that eventually become the centerpiece for a great meal are raised in pasture situations where they are free to roam and live a great life.  They are not implanted with any hormones nor given any feed through antibiotics.  During the winter months both the grass fed and the corn fed animals are fed mountain grass hay and supplemented with protein when needed.  The corn fed cattle are kept separate from the grass fed cattle for finishing purposes and are fed corn raised on family farms.

Our beef is processed at a locally-owned processing facility that is USDA inspected and prides itself on the humane processing of the animals entrusted to them.  It is dry aged for 2 to 3 weeks, cut to your specifications, vacuum packaged, and frozen.  We offer it in quarters, halves, and whole carcass quantities.

You will only pay for what you get!  Where other beef suppliers may sell their product live, by hanging weight, or add on the processing charges, we only collect for what we deliver.  You will pay for the pounds of beef you put in your vehicle at the time of delivery.  Bridle Bit covers all the other costs and shrinkage that comes from producing beef of this kind and quality.

We only produce to order so, contact us today and we will select a quality animal to give you a quality product and eating experience.  It takes a little more time to produce quality beef.  With the first bite, we are sure you will agree that it’s worth the wait!