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 Bridlebit Gem

AHR #640377 (Arabian) GemsPedigree
DOB – May 10, 2008
Bay mare with 2 front white socks
14-3 hands

This is the last foal we had out of our wonderful Brown-R Jeane mare. Reluctantly we are offering her for sale…. Gem is line bred Crabbet, going back to the old greats like *Raseyn, Sotep, Raffles, Orbit & Silver Springs Winefti.  These bloodlines are very hard to find!    Excellent feet and bone, very balanced conformation and smooth to ride!   With her way of going and kind temperament she would be a great horse for most anything you asked of her!  We started her and have ridden her in the arena and out on the trail.  She is very confident when exposed to new things!  She has also been around cattle and seems to have good “cow sense”!  Private Treaty – email for details amy-steve@bridle-bit.com





BBit Triggers King

AQHA #5623242 TriggerPedigree
DOB May 25, 2014

Star…no other markings
This is the first colt we have raised out of our mare, Kay Line King #4360935 (King bred) and our stallion Dynamites Last Blast #3980935.  We couldn’t be more pleased with this outstanding cross!  Trigger is a big bodied, big boned, pretty faced (can you say that about a colt?) and super sweet!  Add the color and you will have a stand out no matter what you decide to do with him!  Asking $2500.00





SOLD – BridleBit Rojo Calie

AQHA #5565913 CaliPedigree
DOB – April 6, 2013
Chestnut filly w/ white ticking in tail and body.

Star, Strip and Snip…..no white on legs
We are so excited about this cross with our stallion, Dynamites Last Blast #390935 (double bred Peppy San Badger) and our lovely bay roan mare, Rojo Cowgirl #4503133 (Bubba Roan Cowboy and Son of a Rap).  This filly’s super sweet disposition, excellent conformation and very pretty head, would be an excellent choice for your breeding program or a great saddle mare!  She is super light and soft in the halter.  She has a great mind, very easy to work with!  Asking $2500.00





BBit Rossa Rojo

AQHA #5628514 RosaPedigree
DOB – May 12, 2014
Gray filly w/ a dorsal strip

Small star, left pastern and right hind sock
Full sister to Calie (above) only in a gray package!  And just as sweet and smart as her sister!  This filly looks like she might be a bit taller than her sibling and has the same balance conformation, beautiful head, great feet and bone.  Asking $2000.00