Black Beauty

This Black Beauty is such a nice quiet, gentle, kind part draft mare! Josie is a 2007 draft cross mare, her sire is a Shire/TB cross and dam is a 50% QH, 25% Morgan and 25% Percheron, standing 16-2 with a size 4 front shoe. She was bred and raised by the Mangus 5 Outfitters in Durango ( specifically for the family business of outfitting/packing and trail horse for their guests. The Mangus 5 specializes in drop camps for Colorado mountains north of Durango with elevations of 13,000-14,000 feet. She was used on the mountain trails in Durango as a riding horse and packing horse before our client bought her in 2015. This big hardy girl is looking for her new home and would love a job as a trail horse or ranch horse.  While she does well in the arena (she has been in dressage training with her current owner), she loves being out doing a job the best! She is good in the herd, easy to shoe, de-worm, vaccinate and is up to date on all. Her teeth were done Spring of 2017.  Her back is not typical of a draft and we found it easy to fit our wade saddle to her, she holds it well with her nice withers.  Josie is a very easy keeper and low maintenance kind of gal, currently grass hay and a handful of grain plus mineral is all she needs.  We are working with her to get her back in shape, adding more things to her current resume such as roping. She has been so accepting and has great try for all the things we have offered her so far! Contact us for more information or to set up a time to come check her out! $8500.00