Clinic Descriptions


This clinic is designed to help develop a stronger horse and human partnership, helping you get a great start to the riding season. The emphasis is on building and refining the skills needed to advance riders toward their goals, whether on a ranch, on the trail, or in the show ring. We will cover round pen work, ground work and riding. Riders and horses of all levels are encouraged to attend. Let us help you and your horse dust off the winter cobwebs and get tuned up for a great riding season ahead!


Cow working I & II classes are for any rider wishing to start their horse on cattle, or to further advance a horse already working cattle. Riders learn about position, timing, pressure points and how to utilize their horsemanship skills to track, sort and cut cattle. The emphasis is on horse and rider teamwork, developing a horse that truly wants to work a cow and on using low-stress livestock handling techniques that pay off on the ranch and in the show ring. The Cow Working I is a great class for all levels, especially for horses and riders that are new to working cattle. The Cow Working II class advances the skills we worked on in the CWI class.


Experience true ranch life by having a real job to do with your horse! We will have different jobs to do depending on time of year, branding, doctoring, moving herds, sorting, along with checking fence, water, salt and mineral. We will discuss purchasing cattle, marketing cattle, range management, cattle management, cattle breeds, ranch roping, Stockmanship and Horsemanship. We will head out to explore some of the amazing trails close to our ranch (Eagle’s Nest, Red Mountain and Soap Stone). This is a wonderful opportunity to get quality exposure for you and your horse while working on your horsemanship skills in a safe environment!


Join us for a fun filled day doing trail obstacles in the arena and then out on the Hiatt’s beautiful ranch! In the arena we will work on bridges, gates, tarps, emergency stops and much more. After we warm up in the arena some horsemanship and obstacles we get to work on trail etiquette, natural trail obstacles (water crossing, logs, etc…), herd bound issues, speed control, jigging, and other opportunities that arrive out on the trail. The ranch trails are beautiful! Safety and FUN are our number one priority! We will offer you tools to further you and your horse’s education that helps build your confidence on the trail!


Prepare your horse for the trail season ahead by building confidence in your horse, in and out of the arena. Barn sour, jigging, controlling the life and energy of your horse in a safe manner, getting your horse to wait, water crossings, bridges, bushes (and the buggers that hide in them! ), tarps, slickers, zipper/Velcro, saddle bags, water bottles, hobbling, etc….are a few of the things we can cover. Bring your list of things that you would like tools to help support your horse on the trail! Most of our time will be spent in the arena “preparing” for the trail with a short ride out for those that feel ready at the end of the day.