Come Ride With Us!

Dave Stamey has a popular song entitled “Come Ride With Me” that really gets to the essence of the feelings many of us have when we’re horseback in this beautiful country we’re privileged to ride in. Amy and I went to see Dave at the Livermore Community Center this past Sunday where he performed that song along with many others. It was a nice break from our usual routine. Dave is a great performer and really engages with the folks that have come to see him. We would recommend you go see him when he’s in your area!

We had given a horsemanship clinic on Saturday with a small group of enthusiastic riders. We’ve come to enjoy those types of clinics, small and intimate, because we get to really engage with the riders and their horses in a way that a larger clinic just doesn’t allow. Our clinics are different than others for a variety of reasons; size, scope, attention to riders, and a focus on what’s important to the participants are just a few reasons why people return.

People seem to find like minded people. I believe that the folks that come ride with us are seriously looking for ways to improve their connection to their horses. And, even though we want the learning to be fun, we try to create an environment that will allow a level of focus that causes participants to retain the information that’s important to them. It’s like trying to achieve “balance” in our horsemanship; easy to talk about, harder to accomplish!

We truly believe that in order for our horses to get better, we need to get better. We lead our horse to better refinement by becoming more balanced riders and by finding ways to get them to want to be with us. We want them to do our thing their way. To do that, we often just need to get out of the way!

Come ride with us! If any of this sounds like a nice change from what you and your horse are doing together, we’d love to ride with you! With Fall weather approaching, Amy’s arranged for an indoor facility that will nicely accommodate small groups of riders. Check for upcoming events. See you down the trail!