One rein stop

There are many things in the horse world that create differences of opinion and honestly, there is more than one way to accomplish a goal with your horse.  Many times it depends on the personality and ability of the rider and the temperament of the horse.  Our philosophy is to be aware of how our horse is acting or reacting to our direction and adjust to better accomplish what we have in mind.  The one rein stop is a basic tool that, in our opinion, every horseman/woman should have in their toolbox.  We teach it to every horse we ride and to every rider that rides with us.  It is also a tool that has come under scrutiny because it has been altered from its original form and in its altered form has caused some people to get hurt.  Balance in the one rein stop is critical.  The horse needs to stay balanced, the rider needs to stay balanced, and the horse and rider need to go together.  The beauty of a proper one rein stop is that it buys you time and security.  Time because you can have the hindquarters disengaged so the horse cannot leave without you and security because you know that with the hindquarters disengaged, you can ride wherever your horse goes.  As you are watching television or browseing your favorite horse magazine, be sure that the horse and rider you are trying to emulate look like they are in balance to you.  And, if you have questions about your one rein stop, Amy would be glad to help you with that.  Reach us at and “like” us on facebook.  Enjoy this beautiful, RAINY day!!