People and Horses

What I think I used to hear Ray Hunt say at his clinics is that he was there for the horse and if the people could come along, that was great, if not, that was okay with him too.  When watching him at a clinic, Ray would take the time to help a rider that showed some promise and he would visit with people that were on the verge of finding a piece of what he had to offer his horses to help them with their search.

Balance is one of the main keys in horsemanship and in my world of helping people with their horses, I strive to find the balance between what the horse needs and the rider needs.  The horse has an amazing ability to adapt to its life.  He learns what he lives and lives what he learns.  He’s just to honest to not do that.  And, that’s one of the reasons that I trust what the horse tells me about his life rather than what the rider’s perception of what the horses life is like.  As a person, I know that I have good points and not so good points.  I also have a lot going on in my life….. distractions.  As a horse person, I owe it to my horse to put those distractions aside while i’m with him and allow for the whole of me to be with the whole of him for whatever time we have together.  As a teacher, I try to provide a few tools to help my students gain the confidence they need to feel safe.  But, the best thing I can help them learn is to trust in their horse so their horse can trust in them and to feel what the horse is offering them.  The horse is the best at teaching that!  Enjoy this beautiful day God has made!!