Respect for Commitment

You’ve probably been exposed to some of the statements by Michael “Mike” Bloomberg, Democrat candidate for President, regarding agriculture. Many of us in agriculture have been critical of his simplistic and condescending remarks but, I’d like to take a different approach and thank him for his candor. Based on the latest statistics, we in agriculture make up 1.3 to 2 percent of the American population. That means that about 2.6 million people are working on roughly 2 million farms, ranches, feedlots, and dairies. Compared to the 329 million people that populate the USA, that’s not many folks with firsthand knowledge of what it takes to put food on the table and fiber on our backs. Why then, would we in agriculture expect the rest of the U.S. population to know anything about what we do? We are members of an exclusive group of people blessed enough to work the land, care for God’s creatures and feed the world!

I’ve run across several really well written essays on the internet covering what various agriculturalists are doing in their daily lives to run their businesses. And, a business is what it is. These people are passionate and committed to their businesses and their way of life. We can relate! It takes commitment and self-sacrifice to work in the wide-ranging weather conditions most livestock and farming operations are found. It takes commitment to stay abreast of ever-changing governmental regulations and programs. And, it takes commitment to press on in the face of shrinking margins and increasing expenses. But, are those things very much different than the challenges faced by other small to medium sized businesses? Is there any less commitment from the owners of your favorite restaurant, hardware store, or clothing store? I would guess not. I do know that we have the utmost respect for the people that commit to something and do their best to see it through!

At Bridle Bit Horsemanship we are respectful of and committed to the horses and people we work with. We will use the knowledge and experience we’ve gained to help to provide opportunities for learning and growth. We’ll be the first to admit that we are not always successful. We’ve had our share of failures over the past 30 years. The respect we have for our clients and their commitment to their horses is something we don’t often have the chance to talk about, but it lies beneath the surface of everything we do. Even if you don’t participate in the daily care of your horse, you’ve made a commitment to provide for that horse. You find people and places that you trust to care for your horse like you would. And, if you work with us, or someone like us, you’ve committed to becoming the best horseman/woman you can possibly be. As horse owners, we commit resources that we could easily devote to other pursuits to our horses and to our education. We provide for horses that are no longer rideable because they gave so much to us when they were, and they continue to give to us as they are. We’ve committed to make the hard decision of relieving our horse, our friend, from the earthly aches and pains to give them that final peace.

So, it’s a big commitment owning horses. It’s also unimaginably rewarding! For every minute of time and dollar spent, most of us would say that our investment pays back tenfold. We reap the reward of our horses committing themselves to us. They give better than they receive. They are amazing confidants, therapists and guidance counselors. They teach us things about ourselves we wouldn’t learn anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a place that you and your horse will be respected and valued for the commitment you’ve made, give Bridle Bit Horsemanship a chance to show you what we can do to help you on the journey you’ve committed to. We offer different learning opportunities. Hopefully you’ll see something that will work for you. If not, contact us and we’ll see if we can’t customize something that will work!