I cannot thank Steve and Amy enough for their help in guiding me to better horsemanship.  Riding with them regularly has helped me with all of my horses and I look forward to learning more from them.

Steve did an excellent job starting my horse.  I was very happy with the way she turned out and am looking forward to him helping me start my colt this year.  He is the only one I would consider letting start my horse.   — Nancy M

My Paint hadn’t been ridden in 6 years & had a long history of strong bracing & resistence…..I was unconfident that I could ride this wild Paint, but with Amy & Steve’s ever so patient & clear coaching he is coming along nicely, displaying lovely lightness & responsiveness I thought impossible just 4 months ago! He is becoming a pleasure to ride & I’m so happy that I have been able to make the ride because of Amy & Steve’s naturally amazing help!  — Patsy McB.

“Amy and Steve with their son Ben are simply THE BEST. EXTRAORDINARY teachers, trainers, mentors and ranchers. They are the ‘real deal’ in true horsemanship….no gimmicks, toys or games just masterful teachers in how to ride with feel, balance, confidence and finesse. Truly talented and a gift to all horse folk from beginners to experienced. They are driven by their love and respect for the Horse and their love in sharing what they have learned. Their greatest lesson for me is that when it comes to horsemanship, we never stop learning.” — Jan S. and her Cow Horse Gus.

I’m not even sure how to begin thanking Steve and Amy for their tremendous patience, kindness, knowledge, vast experience in what actually helps, and not to mention all with an easy going presence and sense of humor. Every time I come for a lesson or participate in a clinic, my horse and I leave with new skills, more confidence and a better partnership and in some cases, that badly needed hope that we’re going to make it.

I only started taking lessons from Amy and Steve last year but what a positive difference in just one lesson. My mare suddenly decided she did not want to load in or out of the trailer and Amy showed me how to make it seem her idea!

They have taught me a number of things….and I have been riding for years.

Steve and Amy are wonderful people and great horsemen. I would recommend anyone with or without problems with their horse, take lessons from them and go to their clinics.

They are the epitome of natural horsemanship. — Sandy P.

We have been riding with Steve and Amy for over 2 years in clinic situations, group and private lessons. My comment to them a while back was that we wish we would have started with them years earlier. Amy and Steve are genuine, no frills attached folks who have been riding and training for years. They know horses and the proper ways to communicate with them effectively. Their training methods take into consideration the needs of both horse and rider. They help create a stronger partnership that translates from arena to trail to working with cattle and everything in between. — Roger & Anne B.

You know, there are many talented horse folks out there. The reason I immediately contacted you when I got a new pony is simply because the way you treat people. It is what sets you apart. You have always been supportive of where I am in my horse journey….and encourage me to go further. Thus, my confidence increases and I accomplish more. — Sandra H.

I want to thank you for the foundation that you are giving me, and our young horses! I look at these things as “life skills” that will serve us well for everything else we want to do! — Louise M.
I can tell you with all confidence how much less fearful I am. I also know that a couple of years ago I would never had been able to manage May. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for helping me discover what a wonderful horse I have in Ivy. — Judy W.

There are several reasons that you are sooo good at what you do – aside from the fact that you are patient and caring, you are so supportive when you give corrections and direction – you always make your students feel safe and capable!  — Leanne S.

You have a way of explaining things in a “common-sense” way that is easy to grasp and implement. You have said things to me that I know I have heard a thousand times over the years, but you say it in a way that is easy for me to grasp and use! — Tracy S.

I just had to write and say, “THANK YOU” for all you’ve been teaching me. I know I have such a long way to go still, and so much more to learn. However, today I took Kiowa out to ride at a friend’s place and I had such an amazing time with her!…… it was an amazing ride…the kind I’ve been craving for quite some time. And I know I owe it all to God and you. Thanks! — Leanne S.

You won’t go wrong with these guys, they are the real deal and they care about the training and post training to make sure that you and your animal will be a willing team together. Thank you Steve and Amy — Vickie & Diva