It’s Thanksgiving Day. A day set aside to acknowledge where we are in this grand adventure we call life and to be grateful. As I’ve grown older, I’m thankful more for the people and places that I’ve been able to experience and less for the things I have. That change may have come as I want for less. Amy, Ben, and I live in a beautiful part of the United States of America. We have plenty to eat, clothes to wear to keep us comfortable no matter the weather, vehicles to take us where we need to go and a little money to make it all work. It wasn’t that long ago, when Amy and I were first starting out, that we didn’t have many of the things that make life easier. We learned how to make due with what we had and tried to be thankful for what God had provided. After all, we were still better off than most of the world because we had been blessed to be born in the USA. As I look back, the blessings were in the struggle. We learned how to do without things we thought we needed and in the process, learned that the only things we really needed were each other and faith that we could make it.

Maybe it’s because we’ve lost people that we cared for that we’ve concluded that it’s not the things we accumulate in life that we should be most thankful for. The things are left here on earth after we depart. The journey and the memories we leave in others hearts and minds live on after we’re gone. We have a chance to be that someone who makes a difference in another’s life. If we live a life of gratitude for all things we experience; we set an example of how complete life can be here on earth.

So, thank you, for being a part of the ride that we are thankful to be making! Our lives are a finely woven saddle blanket intertwined with people and places and horses and cattle and all of the other things that make that saddle blanket our prized possession. It may be a little dirty and sweaty. There may be some horsehair imbedded in the fiber. It may even be a little ragged on an edge now and then. But, we do our best to take care of it. We understand that each strand plays an integral part in keeping that blanket intact. We value each and every fiber of that blanket with every fiber of our being. Each ride we make with that blanket makes another memory. Each memory adds to the strength and character of our blanket. We know that we can’t do what we do without that blanket and all it represents. We appreciate what it does for us and how it holds us in place.

May your Thanksgiving Day be memorable. Hold your loved ones tightly. Let the day fill your heart and mind with sights and smells and feelings you can carry with you the rest of the year. Be thankful. Be grateful. And know that we at Bridle Bit are very thankful for you!