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Bridle Bit AmyBridle-Bit’s mission is to support you and your horse in the activities that you enjoy. Whether working cattle, our personal favorite, trail riding, preparing for a show, or getting your youngster exposed and handy, we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to help you meet your goals. We are a full-service equine operation that includes Dynamite’s Last Blast standing at stud, breeding, raising foals, horsemanship clinics, horsemanship lessons, training, and sales. We also offer a line of ADM Alliance Nutrition feeds for horses and cattle and will help you find the right balance of feedstuffs to keep your horse healthy and fit.

When doing business or making friends, we all want to be with people we can trust. Be assured that all we do at Bridle-Bit is done with honor and integrity in an honest no-nonsense atmosphere. We will be open about what we can offer you and look forward to building new relationships based on mutual respect.

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Meet the Team

The Bridle Bit team is made up of Amy, Steve, and Ben LeSatz. We are proud to be family owned and operated, and in business since 1989. When you deal with us, you can be assured that we take the reputation and integrity of the family and the business into all we do.

Bridle Bit and the LeSatz’s are located on the front range of Colorado near the town of Wellington. Shoot us an email or give us a call, we’d like to hear your story and see if we can help you build a better future with your horses.

Amy LeSatz

Amy grew up on a traditional cow/calf/yearling ranch near Chugwater, Wyoming. She spent many hours in the saddle riding next to her Dad who instilled a deep love and respect for the horse and cattle ranching. As a student of the horse Amy has continued to improve her horsemanship by relentlessly pursuing the feel the horse has to offer. She cherishes the time, inspiration, and friendships she has shared with the likes of Ray Hunt, Joe Wolter, Bryan Neubert and the hundreds of horsemen and women she’s worked with over the years.

Steve LeSatz

Steve grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and Florissant, Colorado. His parents taught him a strong work ethic that he carried into horses and cattle in his late teens. After earning his Animal Science/Ag Business Degree at the University of Arizona, Steve worked his way north to Wyoming where his future father-in-law took him under his wing and gave him a foundation of ranching experiences he could build careers on. He shares his passion for horses, cattle, and ranching with Amy. That passion is evident in all he does with the horses he rides, the cattle he manages and the riders he work with. He loves learning and loves sharing what he’s learned.

Ben LeSatz

Ben was born into his role at Bridle Bit. He now contributes to the business as a certified welder, horseman, and all around hand. We are very proud and honored to have Ben as a member of the Bridle Bit team. If you need something while visiting our facility, Ben’s the man to get it done!

Our Happy Clients

You know, there are many talented horse folks out there. The reason I immediately contacted you when I got a new pony is simply because the way you treat people. It is what sets you apart. You have always been supportive of where I am in my horse journey….and encourage me to go further. Thus, my confidence increases and I accomplish more.
Sandra H.
I want to thank you for the foundation that you are giving me, and our young horses! I look at these things as “life skills” that will serve us well for everything else we want to do!
Louise M.
I can tell you with all confidence how much less fearful I am. I also know that a couple of years ago I would never had been able to manage May. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for helping me discover what a wonderful horse I have in Ivy.
Judy W.
There are several reasons that you are sooo good at what you do – aside from the fact that you are patient and caring, you are so supportive when you give corrections and direction – you always make your students feel safe and capable!
Leanne S.
You have a way of explaining things in a “common-sense” way that is easy to grasp and implement. You have said things to me that I know I have heard a thousand times over the years, but you say it in a way that is easy for me to grasp and use!
Tracy S.
I just had to write and say, “THANK YOU” for all you’ve been teaching me. I know I have such a long way to go still, and so much more to learn. However, today I took Kiowa out to ride at a friend’s place and I had such an amazing time with her!…… it was an amazing ride…the kind I’ve been craving for quite some time. And I know I owe it all to God and you. Thanks…
Leanne S.
I met Steve and Amy at a clinic they put on for our club Rocky Mountain long ears.
My mule diva had a handful of rides on her and was doing ok but I just didn’t have the guts to take her farther and didn’t know who I could trust to take her too. She had massive stranger danger issues that were pretty terrifying for both her and I.

At the clinic, Amy could tell I was hesitant and asked if I wanted her to ride diva first. I gladly said yes and up Amy went and off they went. Amy had such a presence of assurance about her that just calmed diva and made diva look like she had wayyyy more rides than she did.

During the clinic diva and I just meshed with the training and lessons they were offering. By the end of this clinic we were leg yielding and side passing.

I spoke with Amy about taking diva in the spring, she said she would love to take that mule. So I told her I would be in touch.

I rode diva more around my barn and still didn’t have the guts to progress her and called Amy back. On august 27th I dropped her off. I was nervous and scared for diva because of the stranger danger issues. Amy and Steve were full aware of it and had experienced some of that at the clinic with her. I had checked many references and never heard anything but excellent reviews.

This wasn’t going to be a quick fix and I never put a time limit on it. Within a month I believe they were riding her and diva fell in love with Steve.

I drove down (3hrs one way) every other weekend to check on her. She was always in great condition, they fed her to my specifications and she looked amazing. I watched him do everything from catching to saddle to mount to ride and then untack. Diva was at complete ease. So was I.

She never had a mark on her and they were always concerned for her safety and theirs and mine.

Diva just blossomed into this amazing mule with Steve. Steve loved her and it was so obvious that diva was in love with him. That scared mule that I dropped off was transformed into a more trusting of strangers and situations and getting confidence in herself.

I was going to compete in national western stock show in denver January 2014. So I had asked Amy if they would be willing to ride her. Amy face got this big huge grin and it was game on!

I brought diva home for 3 weeks before she would go back for stock show training. Just to see of there was anything to work on. She was such a different mule in every good way.

For stock show diva would be the youngest mule in junior mule classes and I told Steve and Amy that this was just for practice and I didn’t care about ribbons for her. I just wanted her in there for experience.

Diva was not wanting to lope well in the arena and she loved trails so they decided to work her loping there. I love how they are willing to work with the animal and not force an issue.

Stock show come and Steve does the riding and halter showing. He rode her so well and showed off everything she’s learned in trail and that mule did it so calmly.

The next night she had a carriage wreck unfortunately driving team and a malfunction on the sleigh caused me to get ejected into her back legs. She bolted and a lot of messiness happened and I texted Steve and Amy right after to let me know incase they might not to ride her. Diva was very scared.

Steve’s answer was “we will see you in the morning and work her thru it”.

Steve took her in for western pleasure and purposely went in first. She was scared and unsure and he just kept that calm presence he has and worked her and encouraged her and by the end of the class she was calm and loping and just amazing.

Diva is home now and I honestly can’t thank bridle bit enough for everything they have done for diva and I. We will still return for clinics and I’m wanting to do cattle with her.

If anyone wants a reference you can call me. My mule was there for 5mths. I stopped in at times when they didn’t know I would be and was always welcomed and my mule was always in excellent condition and care.

You won’t go wrong with these guys, they are the real deal and they care about the training and post training to make sure that you and your animal will be a willing team together.

Thank you Steve and Amy
From Vickie and diva